Port of Hanstholm

Land Transport and Travel To and From Port Hanstholm
(Hanstholm, Viborg, Denmark)

Well built roads connect Hanstholm to the remainder of Denmark, as do train services departing from Thisted (20 km / 12 miles).

Ferries make sailings to Norway, the Faroe Islands, the Shetland Islands and Iceland. Bus services are operated from a terminal in the town centre.

Motorways run from the ferry port to national and international cities and towns, providing easy access to central Europe. The nearest airport is Thisted Hanstholm (10 km / 6 miles), which serves primarily for domestic departures, but does have limited international flights. Buses and trains connect to Aalborg and Copenhagen.

Hanstholm Port is well connected to bus services and train services connecting the town with Aalborg and Copenhagen. Thisted Hanstholm (ten kilometres) offers mainly domestic departures but does have some international flights.

Travel by Bus and Shuttles

VAFT runs bus services from Hanstholm to Vigso, Frøstrup, Klitmoller, Vorupor and Thisted among other regional and national destinations. NT coaches provide transport to the north of Denmark. For schedules and pricing visit: www.rejseplanen.dk.

Car Hire and Road Travel

Car hire is widely available at Thisted Airport, which is located 10 km / 6 miles from the port of Hanstholm. From here, roads provide access to the rest of Denmark and all across Europe.

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Trains and Rail Travel

Hanstholm's closest rail link is in Thisted (23 km / 14 miles). The rail network from the region of Jutland is operated by Danish State Railways, which provides travel from Thisted to most other parts of Denmark, while there is also has a line which runs all the way to Hamburg.

Car Parking

Parking is available at Hanstholm Port, with both short-term and long-term spaces available. In addition, a number of spaces are available for those with a disability.

Hanstholm Port

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